Glass Related Products

Glass Hardware

Glass Hardware for all applications

  • Frameless shower doors, sliding glass doors, shelving
  • Shop fronts, balustrades, façades

Glass Sealants

To ensure the life of your project and glass, take care in choosing the appropriate sealant

  • Universal silicone sealant — general sealing / glazing
  • Mirror silicone sealant — bonding mirrors
  • Neutral silicone sealant — connection joints, weather seal applications, kitchens, frameless shower enclosures
  • Acrylic sealant — low / medium movement joints, crack filling
  • Mili-Purpose polyurethane foam — repairing / insulating door and window frames, insulating electrical outlets and water pipes
  • Glazing putty — fixing small window panes to steel frame

Glass Blocks


  • Provide visual obscuration while admitting light
  • Reflects solar radiation (heat)


  • Residential and commercial walls or floors
  • Partitions, panels